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Can anyone download the App and open the lock?

Yes, But you also need the password for the lock. When you first connect to the lock you can set a password and then if you want you can share the password to allow multiple devices to have access. You can NOT just download the app and unlock any lock. (That wouldn't be a very good lock)

Do I need to enter the password every time?

No, You can choose to to have the app remember the password and then you only need to slide the lock icon to actuate the lock. We'd recommend having a passcode or fingerprint scanner enabled on your phone if using this feature.

How do you reset to Factory Defaults.

To reset the password on the lock, remove the battery tray and press and hold the reset button and replace the battery tray. Once you hear the tone you can release the button, then you will hear two beeps and the lock will re-calibrate the plunger sweep.

How does the Proximity Lock feature work?

When enabled, the proximity lock will automatically unlock when you approach the cabinet. This feature relies on "Received Signal Strength Indication" or RSSI of the Bluetooth signal. Your phone is able to approximate how far away from the lock it is based on the strength of the signal. When the signal strength is high enough, your phone will signal the lock to open.

How long do the Batteries last?

The Phantom Lock will run for 2 years in standby, plus you should get about 2000 lock cycles from a set of quality "AAA" batteries. The Phantom Lock uses 4"AAA" batteries, and we recommend Alkaline batteries. Try and stay away from lightweight discount or rechargeable batteries for this application.

How Strong can it possibly be?

We like to say "It's more than strong enough to keep out even the most determined mother-in-law." But in all seriousness, it's like the old adage says, "locks only keep out honest people" {if crooks want in, they will find a way}. That being said, it is not a heavy duty lock for high-security applications. It's intended to lock up your knickknacks and keep them from walking off. We could not recommended it for locking up firearms or expensive jewelry.

I've connected all my phones and tablets, now I can't connect with 'X' phone.

Although the PhantomLock can have multiple phones paired up, it [like most other Bluetooth devices,] cant be connected to two phones at the same time. So if you are connected with one phone, the other will not be able to connect. You'll need to close the app on the phones you don't want controlling it. Note that just pressing your home button will just background the app, you'll need to force close it.

I've enabled Proximity Lock, and now my desk drawer keeps locking and unlocking on it's own.

It sounds like you may have the sensitivity set too high, If you set it a bit lower it will open before you get to your desk and stay unlocked while your there.

Is my phone compatible?
The Phantom Lock uses Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), so you may need to google your phone, but most phones since 2011 onward support it. Probably the easiest way to know is to download the app, Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will only allow you to download the app if your device is compatible. Give it a try!

Is the Phantom Lock really made from Plastic!

Yes, it's made from the same Glass Fiber reinforced nylon as Glock Pistols. It's plenty strong.

The Lock is Locking and Unlocking every time I walk by.

If you are walking by a particular lock many times but you don't open the door very often, you may be better off just switching it to manual mode. Your batteries will last much longer.

What happens if the "AAA" Batteries die? Can I still get in?

The Phantom Lock App will warn you when the batteries are getting low... It will give you about 2 months notice. Suppose you ignore these warnings the Lock will either Fail Safe or Fail Secure based on your selection in the settings. If "Fail Open" is selected, the lock will unlock itself when the batteries are getting critically low - and refuse to lock again. If you disable "Fail Open" the lock will stay locked. The lock however may not be have enough power to unlock itself when you return. Choose wisely.

What if I loose my phone, how would I open the lock then?

You can still open your Phantom Lock, You just need to download the App to another device and enter the password. If you've lost your phone AND forgotten the password you'll need to get out the crowbars. There is one exception to this rule, If you have the "Fail Open" option enabled you could wait 1-2 years for the batteries to die. The lock will open with it's last breath.

What tools are needed to install the Phantom Lock?

You will need a #1 Phillips screwdriver and a #0 Robertson screwdriver. A cordless drill is also very handy although not required. We highly recommend watching the instructional videos to install this lock, there are a few key steps that may not be obvious if you just wing-it.

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