The Unseen Locking Mechanism!

The Bluetooth Connected Lock that Enables you to easily control access to cabinets and drawers
without sacrificing aesthetics or convenience.

Bluetooth Phantom Lock

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Okay, Tell Me...

What is the Phantom Lock?

Phantom Lock - What's Included

It's a Bluetooth Connected Lock that Enables you to easily control access to cabinets and drawers without sacrificing aesthetics or convenience.

You'll hardly know it's there. It's locked when you're gone and unlocked when you get home. You can relax knowing that your kids aren't exploring drawers and cupboards that they shouldn't be. Your cleaning lady doesn't need to know what's in the night stand. Roommates don't need to borrow your calculator, lipstick or be snoop dogging through your comics.

Perfect for limiting access to Game Controllers, TV remotes, and toys until the chores are done.

Although it's not intended to lock up Gold Bars or Handguns, it is still plenty strong - constructed from Glass Fiber reinforced nylon. It's strong enough to keep out even the most determined mother-in-law.

Über Convenient Features:
  • Bluetooth LE Connectivity
  • Proximity Unlock (Optional)
  • 2 Year - 20,000 Cycle Battery Life
  • Unlimited number of Locks

Intuitive and Innovative at the Same Time!

Unlimited Locks

The intuitive app allows for an unlimited number of locks to be connected at the same time, and they’re sorted automatically based on your proximity - The closest will be shown at the top of the list.

Proximity Unlock

By far, the most innovative feature, and what sets this lock apart from every other is the proximity-based unlock. You can optionally enable this feature and your locks will automatically unlock when you are within the user defined range.

Manual Controls

For infrequently accessed cabinets, you may want manual control of the locks. This will require your phone to be unlocked and the app launched. This is also beneficial for keeping clever kids from finding your phone and carrying it near the Game Controller drawer to gain access.

Features are Optional

Every lock can have any of the optional features enabled or disabled independently from the others. Proximity on some, Manual Controls on others. Different passwords for locks that are shared etc. Handy!

This is

Why It's Better!

Invisible Installation

The Phantom Lock is not visible when installed inside a cabinet. There is no need for a nasty looking lock adorning the front of your cupboards, cabinets and drawers. Further, these locks rarely get locked because mechanical keys are a pain.

Impossibly Thin

Somehow thinner than the “AAA” batteries it contains, the Phantom Lock is about the size of a candy bar. It’s diminutive size takes up almost no space and allows it to be installed beside most sliding drawers. It measures 55mm x 130mm x 10mm

Low Battery Failsafe

When the batteries are getting low, you will be warned to replace them. If ignored for more than 2 months, the lock will follow your preference to unlock before the batteries die, or stay locked.

Super Easy to Install

It’s as simple as fastening the lock to the cabinet, then pull the adhesive from the back of the hook and close the door. The hook will stick to the door as you open it and then it can be screwed in place. Done!

Automatically Relocks

When enabled, the lock will automatically re-lock after 30 seconds. Handy for when you want to open the door and grab something quickly. The lock will close up after you.

Multi User Friendly

The locks aren’t paired to just one phone, Just enter the same password on any other devices you want to have access.

"The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it."

Super Easy

Installation Instructions

If you can install a towel bar, you can install a Phantom Lock!

1. Drill the Pilot Holes

Using the included drill bit and depth guide, Pre-drill the holes for the screws. The drill guide ensures that the holes are drilled straight, centered and not too deep.

2. Attach the Lock to the Cabinet

Using the included flat head screws, attach the Phantom Lock mechanism to the inside wall of the cabinet.

3. Remove the wax paper from the hook.

This will expose the adhesive and the hook will stick to the door when it is closed. This ensures accurate alignment.

4. Attach the Hook to the door

Pre-drill the holes and then screw the hook to the door, remove the alignment jig and you're done!

You can even use your Apple Watch to remotely lock and unlock cabinets and drawers!

Check out the App

This short comedic video illustrates several reasons we should lock it up.

It's not that these items are necessarily so valuable, or dangerous. But it's probably best if they were not stumbled upon or paraded out in front of guests. A simple and easy to use lock is all it takes.

Reviews and Praise

This thing has been awesome! I've always kept my purse in my desk drawer when I'm at work, But I always worried about others snooping through my stuff while I was away from my desk. The Phantom Lock installed easily and sets my mind at ease. Thanks!

Aliyah A.

Saratoga, CA

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